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Synthese Revue des sciences et de la technologie

Journal Id - JF1202

eISSN - 2352-9717

pISSN - 1111-4924

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Subject: Science (General)

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Publish By - University Badji Mokhtar Annabaroctorate of publication

Language - English

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Publish By - University Badji Mokhtar Annabaroctorate of publication

Description - The Sciences and Technology Review “Synthèse” is a half-yearly internaitonal peer-reviewed journal published by the Diroctorate of Publication of the University Bdji Mokhtar of Annaba (Algeria) since 1996. Synthèse is a multidisciplinary journal. Its scope covers the fields of pure and applied scienc, natural and life science, medicine, geology, architecture and engineering. It offers a space for publication of original experimental and theoretical research studies as well as review articles. Manuscripts should be submitted in English, French and Arabic. The international scientific committee of Synthèse, made up o specialists, is periodically enriched by the successive editorial boards. The manuscripts’ evaluations are assigned to national and international reviewers, each of whom has the full authority to accept, revise or reject the proposed paper. The final decision is taken upon two identical referees’ replies.